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Welcome! I’m not here to impress you with my achievements and titles, you already have enough of that. I understand that you are looking to invest in the future of your company and are looking to make the best choice for your organization. Allow me to help in mitigating your risk in selecting a highly qualified candidate. Allow me to offer you greater perspective on 

who I am .

My name is Robbie G. Singh and back in 2013, I remember the elated feeling of accomplishment when I got my undergraduate degree at a state college in New Jersey because I pushed myself in an area where I struggled to even believe in myself my whole life. I didn’t have motivation and I certainly didn’t see a bigger picture up until that point where I was able to graduate with over 3.0 GPA often taking 15-18 credit semesters to push myself.

What changed for me was yes I discovered a formula that worked and I also developed a vision to get there but what carried me through was seeing it as possible. During this process, I had my ups and downs - in fact sometimes, during those “down periods”, it was actually a member of faculty or a family member even  that was reinforcing that belief, that it was possible.

Flash forward to the present, I’m once again going through a process of growth and transformation where I’m developing new skills related to clinical and macro social work in a cultural environment that’s different to my own. Im an MSW student at the University of Southern California where we are known as Trojans and our motto is "Fight On!". I’m also interning at Hispanic Family Counseling where I’m also learning Spanish and working with the NASW-FL chapter at the state level as a Chair of the membership committee under the guidance of the executive director.

The point is I’m more comfortable in pushing when each area of growth is complemented with a corresponding support system and as a provider, I recognize how important that support can be for my clients. I think of those who lifted me up to push myself further today and that’s who I want be for my clients.

What I Bring To The Table:

  • Originality in Brainstorming Ideas, thinking in terms of creative solutions and strategy. 
  • Converting Empathy into Advocacy - As a social worker, I understand counseling is only part of a solution.
  • Strong Research Skills Involving Critical Thinking and Analytic Capabilities

(Feel to explore my blog to see examples of work I've done and see events that I've attended.)

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I look forward to our collaborative partnership.

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Driven By Passion. Fueled By Injustice. Fight On!