Why Success Is Personal

August 8, 2017 — by Robbie Singh0

What comes to your mind when you think of success?

It’s such a fascinating word that occupies so much of our time.

It’s filled with paradoxes, roadblocks, obstacles all uniquely designed for us as individuals.

Some say that success is about doing something no one else is doing

and the only way to really do that is to become more attuned with who you truly are.

The more you become your highest self, your best self – you begin to separate yourself as an individual.

It should come as no surprise as to why people are so captivated by authenticity, respecting people who are

“the real deal.” Why is that?

It’s not about comparisons or how you measure up to anyone else. You are uniquely you.

You can only compete with you because no one else has your life experiences, your perspective, your insights.

So what stops us from tapping into that energy? The world that we are conditioned to believe that is real.

(Oh yeah it sounds a lot like the Matrix.)

I remember having the perspective the success was about materialism. I only saw the outside but

now the more I look, I see success on a different vibration. There is inner and outer success.

Succeeding in both means you have mastered the bond between your heart and mind – that is, you have tamed your mind to trust your heart.

I know personally there’s been times when I wanted something but doubt got in the way. Fear got in the way. Convenience became too tempting.

And I would go on without stopping to see why those things came up in the first place – big mistake!

To really study why these things pop up is to understand yourself when it comes to your perceived limitations.

I’m talking about a deep dive into your psyche – not just a simple acknowledgement – knowing the experiences that shaped your limiting beliefs

and becoming aware of how much significance it’s had. For example, I remember liking a girl in the first grade and one day in the schoolyard I told her.

I remember she said I was ugly. And I know that my fear of rejection has always been an obstacle for me when it came to women especially.

Being aware means to be truly honest with yourself. And once your honest with yourself, you can begin to accept yourself and then move

towards loving yourself. When you feel whole and complete, you can give. And when you give, you radiate your loving energy that is magnetic.

When you choose to lead from your loving truth, you choose to empower yourself without approval from the outside. Whether for better or for worse.

When setting out on a new journey whatever that maybe – it’s more important than anything else

to have a strong purpose that can stand the test of time because you can have all the strategies, all the theoretical knowledge,

you can have all the best of the best mentors – but yet end up in roughly the same place with some temporary highs or gains at best without lasting

sustainable change because no one or nothing can motivate you more from the outside than your own reasons on the inside.

Regardless of your struggles, mistakes or past defeats or setbacks while on your quest to your personal greatness.

Regardless of where you are now  or whether that measures up to where you want to be – always remember that

in this moment, you are and will always be enough. It doesn’t matter if anyone else approves or not. They can only

judge from their perception of how they see you, from an intellectual understanding. And if they are to judge or

criticize in a way to bring you down, then that means you did something they could not.

What are your thoughts on success?

What does success look like and mean to you?

Has your definition of success always been this way?

Robbie Singh

Robbie G. Singh is an aspiring social worker that is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Social Work. He believes that documenting his journey can help build self-awareness, invite feedback to perform more effectively, help others on a similar path. He is always open to networking with like-minded professionals.

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