A State of Trance

January 20, 2018 — by robbiegsingh0


I didn’t expect to see what I had found as I turned the corner into a dark long alley.


The attack had begun. I stared in shock. They were feeding.

My eyes darted in the other direction as I noticed my heart pounding hard as if it were trying to come out of my chest.

Just then, time slowed down. A beautiful woman walking with such grace grabbed my attention.

She was tall and slender, wearing a long fur coat that went to her knees, with very chique sunglasses, walking casually without a care in the world with her

heels tapping the hard concrete with softness. Tap, tap, tap.

My mesmerization was suddenly jolted by a groan. I turned back, as my heart began to race.

Nothing! It was empty. “where did they go?!” I remember thinking.

I woke up suddenly. It really was nothing.

I opened my closet door with my eyes half-opened, becoming assured that this was only a dream.


The End. Literally.


The Learner’s Edge

January 19, 2018 — by robbiegsingh0

Trust the process and the rest will follow.

I’ve considered myself to be a lifelong learner, always enjoying the classroom experience while discussing different ideas in college.

This was a different kind of education though – self-education, would be fitting.

I’d been a beginner at many things in my life including many new jobs and short-term ventures that I worked in within different industries,

new settings surrounded by changing faces.

Aviation, hospitality, advertising, education, food and beverage, finance, biotechnology just to name off a few.

As a beginner, I remember the feeling of being new and then as time went on how that all faded.

The company expected more and more, then what was once fun became a daily mundane chore.

Though the positive side was, as all the uncertainty that came with being “the new guy” faded in the background;

more customers came to trust my expertise and level of competence to deliver value to their needs.

The progression to proficiency from a level of beginner resulted in boredom.

That was until I realized that all along that I had been working a job, of course – not a career.

Through a reflection of my experiences, taking a personal inventory of who I am and thirty years later, I realized my career path in social work.

After becoming a proficient professional, I would now be going back to the beginning for additional schooling.

And the timing of it all couldn’t be better! Soaring tuition costs, rising inflation, Betsy Devos (enough said) and now Donald Trump’s tax proposal.

As I zenned out by finishing a meditation session, I thought about what I really wanted to develop a mastery in.

I’d been a beginner, I’d been a professional but never a master at something. Perhaps that title is deceiving since the best masters

are technically always learning. And the ones who aren’t, can they truly call themselves masters?

Maybe only in their heads.


Enlightenment and the City

January 19, 2018 — by robbiegsingh0


How do you squeeze as much life into a day as possible?

Another day passed when I missed out on commitments that I made that I couldn’t keep.

I thought about all the areas of my life from finances, relationships, health, spirituality, career progression, travel, the list goes on.

The endless number of things to catch up on with new ideas sprawling by the second to lure me in,

the day’s pressing responsibilities that came up minute-to-minute; some that were planned and others unplanned.

“Why am I doing this?” I asked myself silently. I didn’t force the answer, I just left it alone until it came to me.

It was as if I placed an order at a Mcdonald’s where I wanted instant gratification. (Come on man, whose to blame – I’m a millennial after all!)

Only this was something grander, more of on a cosmic level of frequency and so I thought, hey…maybe there’s a block in the transmission like a clogged pipe.

“HELLOOOOOOO Can you hear me?” I thought to myself. Time went on, I looked at my clock on my iphone and still no answer!

I threw my hands up in the air and accidentally hailed a cab. “Hello sir, taxi?” a smiling man with a saintly gaze from the driver’s seat said to me.

I shrugged and entered the vehicle. “Where to sir?” He asked politely.

“To the cosmos” I replied, not knowing whether that was an actual destination.

“No problem sir. You look troubled, what’s wrong my friend?”

“I just had a delay for something I was looking for an answer to”

“Sometimes you don’t have to seek the answer.”

“Yes” I replied while secretly dismissing his response.

As we drove down blocks and stopped at different intersections at the red lights –

all of the foot traffic, bicycles, traffic police, cars and other road hazards had diverted my attention.

Suddenly, in all of that chaos, it’s as if a ray of light came beaming down and just then – I had a moment of epiphany.

The search for equanimity is why.