Early Years

Embarking On A New Trajectory

July 23, 2017 — by Robbie Singh0


Until age 31, I’ve been working in customer service and sales roles in different types of industries from hotel management, advertising to telecommunications and commercial aviation.  I notice a common theme – a desire to work with and help people. Everything that I have done has prepared me to reach this seemingly natural progression of the next chapter in my career, the decision to become a social worker.

What’s fascinating to me is that how I got to this decision by trying many different things that I thought were right for me in the moment but yet the feedback I seemed to have gotten that was constant is “you are very capable and smart but this may not be the right for you. Find your niche.” Upon dwelling on this feedback, I cannot help but recollect the times of when I was in grammar school where during almost every PTA conference (that I dreaded going to) the teacher’s would always say “he has more potential.”

So why do I think social work will be different? Simply because I did my homework on the ideal type of fit that’s required. I did a “inner-outer approach” and focused on who I am, examining my personality and understanding how I derive satisfaction – through self knowledge as well as experience.

It has come to my awareness that social work is a field that is varied and therefore there’s many different options under the giant umbrella of what makes up social work. My first action step is to gain insights into the lives of these varied professions within social work by reading about first-hand accounts by actual professionals in the field. I’ve picked up a book called Days in the Lives of Social Workers that is revealing the details of these potential career paths. My goal is to find a niche that excites me, that I could see myself doing or that I gravitate towards.


Days in the Lives of Social Workers

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