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Feeling Expanded…Here’s Why!

July 30, 2017 — by Robbie Singh0



Meet Josiah from Kentucky!


We met yesterday at a Muddy Paws volunteer event where I had the opportunity to
walk around Union Square with him, showcasing him to potential adopters.

When I first took him out, he was trembling and uncomfortable. He felt so overwhelmed coming from
the inside of the truck to busy Union Square area.

Not even an hour later, he started to adapt and witnessing his transformation from fear into love
was an elevating experience. He started playing with other dogs, he started reaching out to all the people proactively and everyone loved him. He had an amazing temperament and did not bark at all.

There was one particular couple that had two dogs already and were quickly captivated by this guy.
Several questions later and after much contemplation, they decided they really wanted him.
After all – what’s not to love? He’s good with other dogs and kids!

The only obstacle was that the couple could not take Josiah home the same day but they did fill out
the adoption application and expressed that they would pick him up later.

As a result, I went home thinking this wasn’t just about the dogs but also about bringing more love and joy into people’s lives.

If you enjoyed this article, please be sure to visit Muddy Paws Rescue to find “your own Josiah”, there’s so many lovely affectionate puppies and dogs waiting to add happiness into your life.

If you are unable to adopt, that is okay – you can also explore fostering as an option or simply donating your time to volunteer. This non-profit organization also accepts monetary donations. .