Personal Growth

The Best Experience I Had To Start A Business…

January 3, 2018 — by robbiegsingh0


Personal Growth

The Best Experience I Had To Start A Business…

January 3, 2018 — by robbiegsingh0

After graduating from college in 2013 with a communications degree, I decided
that I wanted to apply theory into practice. So I got a job at a startup company in New York City
in the online advertising industry as a TELEMARKETER.

I hope you didn’t cringe at that word but if you did, I understand.
I want to explain what the experience did for me. I wasn’t a superstar by any means.
In fact, I struggled and was constantly coached yet my results were barely meeting the minimum quota.
So with that being said, I hope that makes you feel more comfortable!

So why do I recommend it? There are intangible benefits to this kind of work that is very helpful in business.
Willpower, work ethic, delayed gratification. Allow me to explain:


When you’re in a slump and everyone around you is doing well, yet you’re not getting any bite.
It can sometimes perpetuate a feeling of you not being enough. And by you persisting,
you minimize that feeling, you forget about and you keep going. At some point, you develop a level of self-confidence
that says I don’t care about the results, I’m just here to do my best and have fun in the process.

Work Ethic

After working all day to set a handful appointments at best, we would then have to get into presentations that could sometimes take 45 minutes all the way up to 2 hours leaving you to feel so dehydrated!! Almost as if you were losing your voice. What’s worse is the dreaded response after the closing question, How would you like to pay? “I’ll think about it”

Doing that day after day for about a year and a half until they walked me out the door developed a mindset that can serve you in anything really.

Delayed Gratification

The feeling of success under these circumstances was absolutely exhilarating! But this was the first profession
that really taught me, ironically – that I wasn’t working for the money. I wasn’t doing it for the paycheck.
I was doing it for the skill. I was focusing on my strengths and on my weaknesses. I was introspectively aware of
what worked, what didn’t. I forgot about the paycheck and just capitalized on the moment.


When things weren’t working out, you were forced to figure out what is under your control. I would ask myself,

What can I change?
What can I do differently?
How can I make this work?

These powerful questions force you to dig deep and utilize everything you can, literally to make something work.
And the amazing part was that I found out the hard way that there WAS so much that was under my control.
It taught me how simple it was to make excuses and to rationalize when things weren’t working out, how the mind works in that respect.

These experiences didn’t save me from keeping that job or making a bigger paycheck but what it did is help me to apply
these skills and knowledge to what I do now as a tech support representative. My last month as of December 2017
was my best month at my company metrics-wise. Even when things don’t work out the way you had hoped, there’s always a lesson to be learned that can be more beneficial at a later point for you.

Be Your Awesome Self. The one that knows you are ENOUGH.



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